Pediatric Physical Therapist Helps with Osgood-Schlatter Disease and More

People who suffer diseases, injuries and other ailments that may cause disabilities often find themselves in physical therapy treatment. In like manner, the same principle applies for children who may need Pediatric Physical Therapy. A pediatric physical therapist is a good specialist to call on when your children have debilitating ailments. These kinds of physical therapists are specially trained to handle the growing complexities and developmental abilities of children. There are illnesses that may be specific to children. An example of one of these illnesses is the Osgood-Schlatter Disease. This pain-causing ailment which affects the knees is usually found in children between the ages of 10 and 15.

There are Pediatric Physical Therapists Stafford, Texas, who work with children who have Osgood-Schlatter Disease and other childhood ailments. This disease presents itself with such symptoms as a bony bump a few inches below the kneecap, the front of the knees being painful to the touch, and pain from squatting, running or jumping. Taking the child to see a pediatric physical therapist for a few sessions of therapy is putting your child on the right track to recovery. The therapist will be able to assess your child’s strength, flexibility, and balance through prescribed exercises designed for him or her.

There are other benefits that Pediatric Physical Therapist Stafford Stafford TX can offer for your children. Your child could have cancer, trauma to the brain, scoliosis, spina bifida, or cerebral palsy. All of these ailments can benefit from receiving physical therapy treatment. Physical therapy can help your children learn how to function with their ailments. The pediatric physical therapist will help your child’s range of motion, balance, coordination, strength, motor skills, and endurance. Some of the physical therapy techniques used include aquatics therapy, various exercises, massages, manual therapy, re-education of the neuromuscular system, management of adaptive equipment and other therapeutic activities.y

The Medicare Pediatric Group, LP has been providing various therapeutic services to patients in Houston, Texas, Stafford, Texas and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. Patients from birth to the age of 21 can take advantage of the clinic’s pediatric therapy services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and nursing. Services can either be rendered at home or as an outpatient client. Care given to the children are tailored to suit each particular child that needs the services. If you feel your child is in need of Pediatric Therapy Services in Stafford, Texas or the surrounding areas, visit the website at

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